SL Financial Solutions Tax & Accounting

Aggressive, Year-Round Tax Reduction Planning

We'll help you never overpay in taxes with year-round, pro-active tax reduction planning.

Year-Round Guidance

To get real tax reduction, you need to implement strategies & deploy tactics throughout the year. We'll help you do that.

Create Immediate & Long Term Tax Savings

We'll help you build tax efficient income streams, and build tax-wise wealth in the future.

Conveniently Integrated with Bookkeeping

Our clients love having their taxes, books & tax reduction done together for simplicity.

Do everything possible to reduce your taxes & avoid IRS problems

Business owners deserve to keep as much of their hard earned dollars as possible.  We help business owners identify tax reduction strategies and loopholes that are appropriate for their operation.

Maximize your S-Corp or Entity Structure

One of the most fundamental tax planning strategies we deploy is to utilize and maximize the right business entity.  For many business tax plans, we are looking to maximize an S-Corporation to help them reduce their social security and medicare taxes.

LLC vs. S-Corp

In order to really reduce taxes with an S-Corp, you need to actively engage in the process of determining your reasonable salary, while also making decisions around business investments, retirement plans & other tax reduction strategies.

We help business owners get the most out of their S-Corporation and ensure that they never miss a tax loophole or strategy.

Tax Planning Based on Bookkeeping

The reason why we are able to provide such thorough and sophisticated levels of tax reduction planning, is because we are doing the bookkeeping for our customers every week and helping them actually implement their tax plan. Bookkeeping is the foundation of tax reduction planning and we will also help you pay in the appropriate taxes for your tax plan, so that you do not end up with a large tax bill at year end, or providing the government with overpayment so that you get a tax refund.  

The goal is to end the year without owing or getting anything back.

Retirement Plans, Hiring Children & Strategic Deductions

We’ll also help you make strategic write-offs into retirement plans such as SEP IRA, Solo-401k’s, 401k’s or SIMPLE IRA’s.  These investment accounts provide extremely tax efficient investments for owners and their employees, but you need to take into consideration your overall employee levels, staffing and budget.  We will make it easy to implement the most effective tax reduction strategies.