All-In-One Service

Outsourced Accounting Service

For Small Business & Truckers

In our outsourced accounting service, we handle all the tax, bookkeeping, tax reduction planning, and more.

Outsourced Accounting Service

We'll build a solution, scope of work and pricing that's just right for you and your business.

You'll love how easy this makes running your business.

Our Outsourced Accounting Service includes:

Clean up your books & setup things perfectly

Create a tax reduction plan

Setup everything necessary to implement the tax plan

Perform high levels of bookkeeping

Provide monthly or quarterly CFO Meetings

Meet before year end for tax planning & decisions

We'll pay in the taxes according to your tax plan so you don't have a year end tax surprise

Do your tax returns, both personal and business

Provide long term wealth and tax reduction planning with estate planning

Provide world class customer service & answer all your questions, whenever you have them

Lowered Taxes

We'll make sure you never overpay in taxes, and build a long term tax mitigation plan for you and your family.

Saved Time & Focus

You and your team can focus on what you do best and leave the accounting & compliance work to the professionals.

Avoid Mistakes & IRS Problems

Mistakes & audits have massive time, financial and credibility costs. We'll make sure things are done right.

Outsourced Accounting Service

Whether you need really simple support or  full outsourced accounting services, we can help you!
Allow us to provide the services you need, so that you can focus on running your business.

The Solo Outsourced Accountant Simple Package
For small businesses ready to grow & reduce their taxes.
Personal & Business Tax Return Preparation
Bookkeeping & Payroll
IFTA Returns & Form 2290 HVUT Returns
IRS Notice & Audit Support
Semiannual Proactive Tax Planning Advisory
Semiannual 1-on-1 Strategic Planning Session
The Boss Outsourced
Accountant Growing Package
For growing businesses that have a small team. Real-time Data and Analysis to grow your business
Everything from Simple Package
Mid levels of complexity
Mid levels of employees & contractors
Mid levels of employees & contractor support
Quarterly Proactive Tax Planning Advisory
Quarterly 1-on-1  Strategic Planning Session
The CEO Outsourced
Accountant Established Package
For more established small businesses that have greater needs. Support to help you grow
Everything from Growing
Higher levels of accounting & bookkeeping
Higher levels of meeting & CFO guidance
More complex operations that require more time
Monthly Proactive Tax Planning Advisory
Monthly Proactive Tax Planning Advisory
All-In-One Service for Small Business

What's Included with our Outsourced Accounting Service

We work with fewer clients, but provide in-depth, year-round outsourced accounting services so we can help our customers achieve better outcomes.

Year Round, Aggressive Tax Reduction Planning

If you wait till the end of the year to talk taxes, it's already too late to implement meaningful tax reduction.  We'll help you implement game-changing tax reduction strategies throughout the year.

Cleanup Your Books & Establish a Perfect Chart of Accounts

All of our customers get a thorough cleanup of their books & accounting, and we'll help you get completely caught up.

Prompt Monthly Bookkeeping

Your books will always be up to date because our small team stays involved each week.

Avoid Tax Surprises

We'll help you implement the tax reduction plan we create, and then we'll pay in your taxes throughout the year so you never fall behind or have surprises at year-end.