SL Financial Solutions Tax & Accounting

Finally Get Your Books Caught Up

We will setup a perfect chart of accounts and ensure things are done to perfection.

Caught Up & Stress Free

If you've been neglecting your bookkeeping, we can get you all caught up.

Get Meaningful Reports & Numbers

With fresh numbers, you can actually work to reduce your taxes and manage your business better.

Foundation to Grow On

When we do your books, they will be done to the highest standards and have a foundation to grow on.

Get Your Books Caught Up & Avoid Major IRS Problems

If you are behind on your books and you haven’t done any accounting for weeks, months or even years, we can help you get everything caught up and setup to perfection. We provide catch up bookkeeping services that empower businesses to right their ship and avoid the major consequences that usually stem from operating without a bookkeeper. Besides performing backup bookkeeping, we can also help you with ongoing bookkeeping so that you don’t fall behind again and we will also help you create a strategic tax reduction plan to help you mitigate your overall tax liabilities.

Take Control & Get Caught Up

Business owners often allow themselves to get behind on bookkeeping because they are convinced that if they start paying attention, they are going to suddenly be on the hook for massive amounts of taxes.  That dynamic is usually not true and getting your books caught up will often identify areas that lead to overpaid taxes.

Bad bookkeeping leads to overpaid taxes.

At it’s root, amateur bookkeeping or just set-and-forget bookkeeping is what leads to major tax overpayments, because it usually causes you to overstate your revenue and miss out on major opportunities to implement tax reduction strategies.

If you are behind on your books and you dream about taking your business to the next level, then book a consultation with us and we will identify areas that can improve and perform a tax reduction analysis.